A renewing weekend at Devfest Nordeste in Salvador — Bahia

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Devfest is an event organized by the Google Developers Group community and it takes place in different parts of the world between the months of September and November. This report is to talk about my experience at Devfest Nordeste, as a speaker. A surprising event at the baiana capital, of an unbelievable magnitude and impeccable organization. Everything Salvador needed and hadn’t happened yet, the organizers made it happen and nailed it!

The heart of Brazil

Salvador, a city rich in culture and history. In this scenario the Devfest Nordeste took place. Kudos to the designer for the visual identity of the event, which reflected really well the city’s culture and joy.

Talking to @mvfsillva, one of the organizers, he told me how there was great care for the event’s program schedule. They worried to have both technic and social talks. And that worked out beautifully!

I talked about Accessibility on the Web. It was a less technical talk and a more advisory one. I went there with the mission of showing how important accessibility on the web is and to alert people how us, developers and content creators can take action to turn the web into an inclusive space for everyone! On a more technical side, @Bruno Pullis gave a wonderful talk on accessibility with components, a more practical lecture with rich content! This event allowed for great opportunities to talk about the subject and will definitely render lots of projects!

The PPT of my lecture Accessibility on the web: How are we thinking about it? is available on the web (only in Portuguese, for now)!

The city of light and pleasure

After the event, I went straight to the hotel to rest and get ready to a happy hour with the other speakers and the organizers. We went to Rio Vermelho, a bohemian neighborhood that has a lively night-life. Even though I had already seen in other places in Bahia and even in my own city, Belo Horizonte, I had never eaten acarajé. They told us the best one in town was Acarajé da Dinha, and that’s where we went! My first deserved a click:

Running after the Trio Elétrico

If there’s something I really love, this is getting to know new places. I go all in on tourism! I left early to go sightseeing in Salvador.

At Farol da Barra there was a trio elétrico playing old-but-gold axé music [typical music from Bahia]! One more time, Salvador was welcoming me in the way only baianos know how to do: partying!

From Farol da Barra, I went to Mercado Modelo to buy some souvenirs. I went up the famous Lacerda elevator and, from up there, an amazing bay.

I don’t really know for what reason, I had forgotten the Pelourinho was just around the corner from the elevator’s exit, at the high part of town. I called a Uber to walk two blocks, it wasn’t even 3 minutes lol (It was probably the fastest run the driver has ever taken in his life!) When in Salvador, remember me and don’t be this person.

People that are worth a thousand

Definitely, what made this trip fucking wonderful were the people! The landscape is breathtaking but what makes this place special are the people! What a reception from this people I couldn’t love more! A huge thanks to my friends from GDG Salvador and to all organizers of the event, you’re a bunch of badasses!

It was a weekend filled with knowledge and exchange! My mind is now renewed and filled with new ideas. The kind messages, the exchange of experiences and the reflexions I had the opportunity to make were the necessary fuel for me to return with my self esteem high in the sky! It was a renewing event for me.

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